Menu Cards

The presentation of your dishes begins with the selection. With our menus you give your exquisite dishes the right cover to offer customers a first-class ambience right from the start.

Leather Cover

Our leather bindings impress with their excellent workmanship. The folded edges are glued and sewn. This efficiently protects against fraying of the book edges and ensures longevity. The cleaning of the menus is also simplified, since the covers are better able to tolerate moisture and can be cleaned wet easily.

You can choose from a variety of different colors so that your menu fits perfectly into your ambience.


The light embossing and excellent color quality give your customers the charm of a classy restaurant for years.


  • The labeling of our menus is freely selectable.


  • We provide gold and silver as standard colors.

Fastening The Sides

It is fastened using book screws, which can be opened and closed at any time using a flat-blade screwdriver. So you always have the option to add more pages or remove old pages. This also makes it easier to advertise dishes that change regularly, such as seasonal dishes.


We also provide gold and silver as standard screw colors.


The format of the inserted sheets is A4 with standard perforation. Commercially available transparent sleeves can thus be used, but subsequent perforation is also possible without any problems.