Better Toothbrush

Dental Care Better Toothbrush

The innovative fan design of the Better Toothbrush massages and cleans the gums simultaneously. The Better Toothbrush truly gives you a fresh feeling during and after brushing your teeth. Maintain healthy gums while brushing your teeth.

  • Ergonomic V ARC ™ bristles cleans thoroughly  your teeth and gums.
  • Our ergonomic handle provides a comfortable feeling.
  • Enjoy the fantastic feeling of massaging your gums.

Why massage the gums?

  • Strong and healthy gums are directly linked to healthy teeth.
  • Prevents gums from receding.
  • Dentists advise patients to regularly clean the teeth and massage the gums to reduce plaque.
  • Clean and fresh feeling in the mouth.
  • Total Oral Hygiene, to live a better life.


Oral-in-One, to floss, pick and brush with one multifunctional dental product.

A new experience to improve mouth hygiene.

  • Built-in toothpick – Easy cleaning of all teeth.
  • Detachable hook toothpick – To access the interior part of teeth.
  • Dual Floss – Extra durable and double cleaning power.
  • Detachable interdental brush – Reach the hard-to-reach space easily.
  • Protective cap – Keep the interdental brush & toothpick clean.